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Research Paper – Annotated Bibliography Instructions

An annotated bibliography is a bibliography covering all the different articles found on a specific topic with a summary of the given research. Locate at least 8 sources related to your research topic and create an annotated bibliography. Each of your sources must be academic (from a scholarly journal) and recent (written within the last 5 years). IMPORTANT: Include at least 5 empirical articles. Use correct and current APA format for the citations and for the summaries of the articles. DO NOT use the article’s abstract as your summary; you must read the article and summarize it yourself. Review the instructions for the Research Paper – Final for more information about the requirements for your research paper. Wikis and blogs are not acceptable sources for this assignment.


Rand, D. C. (1997). The spectrum of parental alienation syndrome (part I). American Journal of Forensic Psychology, 15(3), 1–8.

Deidre Conway Rand, a forensic psychologist, traces the history of what Dr. Richard Gardner termed Parental Alienation Syndrome. Rand states in his article that Gardner coined the term Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) in the mid-80s after over 10 years of working with children in high-conflict divorces. Since Gardner’s contribution to civil forensics, there has been much debate as to the accuracy of PAS. Rand describes the problems and the contributions that have followed Gardner’s suggestion of PAS. He summarizes by clarifying that PAS is a developing concept in forensic psychology and that courts are abusing the terminology.

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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Teen pregnancy is a common societal crisis hence a national priority to prevent it. It is caused by engaging in risky and irresponsible sexual behaviors due to peer pressure impacts. Recent research shows that approximately 50% of students in high school engage in sexual acts leading to unplanned pregnancies or marriages. The percentage of blacks who give birth by the age of 20 years is alarming at 1 in 4 as compared to the whites at 1 in 10. Community based organization in collaboration with the federal government have put up initiatives to minimize the rates so as to encourage completion of school for a sustainable economy (Sieving, 2011). Teen pregnancy prevention strategies are classified into five main strategies that are community related according to the current research.

Programs associated with teen pregnancy prevention have been implemented and notable improvements witnessed in the U.S. First, community mobilization and sustainability involves empowering all members in the society to take action and embrace change. This is achieved by dissemination of information, generating support and promoting cooperation. Second, there are evidence based programs to the teens to show them that irresponsible sex habits lead to sexually transmitted diseases, risky sexual behaviors and teen pregnancy which are costly to manage. Third, there is the increment of youth access to contraception and reproductive health care services (Klaus, & Saunders, 2016). This should be teen friendly from the clinical partners to encourage the youth of prevention measures.

Fourth, stakeholder education targets teen parents, civic leaders and other community members on strategies to reduce teen pregnancy like improved communication and utilization of resources in the society to cater for teen’s needs (Frick, 2007). Fifth, it is essential to work with diverse communities in an effort to educate on the relationship between teen pregnancy and social determinants of health. Teens ought to be taught that abstinence is the best option since contraceptives like IUDs, pills and even condoms do not guarantee one of not contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

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