Technology That Can Assist Personal Health And Exercise

In a Word document, prepare a 2-3 page (500-750 words) written response to the following items to submit to your professor:

Chapter 7, Fong et al. (2011) discusses various methods with which technology can assist personal health and exercise, including pedometers and GPS technology. There are also a wide variety of cell phone health apps that can assist in tracking distance run, heart rate, and caloric intake, among other health measures.

Conduct your own research to identify a health app available on cell phones.

Describe the purpose of the app. What benefits does it bring to the user? What are some potential disadvantages or risks of using this app?

# need to include references in APA style The apa style references are very imortant please

# there are some answers here for the same question but i can’t use them because of plagiarism

# Word limit: (500-750 words)

# type the answer don’t write them in a paper so i can copy theme

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