Requirements: Analyze the content of 10 advertisements.

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Here are the instructions for the project paper #1 which is a type of Content Analysis — due end of Week 3. Content analysis is “a wide and heterogeneous set of manual or computer-assisted techniques for contextualized interpretations of documents produced by communication processes in the strict sense of that phrase (any kind of text, written, iconic, multimedia, etc.) or signification processes (traces and artifacts), having as ultimate goal the production of valid and trustworthy inferences.”

Project #1 maps to the following SOCY 100 learning outcomes (course objectives):

  • apply the sociological imagination, theoretical perspectives, and scientific research to uncover patterns of social behavior.
  • identify the different ways society is stratified and develop awareness of how inequality is perpetuated in society.
  • describe the process of social change and its impact on the individual and society.

Requirements: Analyze the content of 10 advertisements. Your discussion should include the following: (1) the name of each product, where it was advertised (e.g., print media, radio, TV), and the amount of space or time devoted to the product; and (2) a sociological analysis of the ads (e.g., using sociological terms, theories, and/or research that best applies here? Explain.)

Important tip while you do need to list and describe the ads that you select, the focus of this assignment is on the ability to take some of the sociology that you are learning and apply it to the ads. The best way to do this is to list the ad then identify the term or concept and then define or describe how it is applicable in that particular instance. There should be a clear sociological analysis for each ad.

Recommended length: 3 to 4 pages

The following website provides some good ideas and thought-provoking exercises relevant to this assignment:


  1. This project is worth 25 percent of your total grade. Please see the rubric in the syllabus for the objective grading criteria for this assignment, which are based on the following course outcomes: 1, 3, and 4.
  1. Make a back-up copy of your project prior to turning it in. Keep this copy for your records.
  1. Your project is due week 3. You may submit it as an attachment in your Assignments folder. Submissions created in Microsoft Word are preferred. If you do not have either one of these programs, then please submit your work in RTF or PDF file format.
  1. The failure to submit your project by the scheduled due date without a legitimate excuse will result in a total deduction of points.

Here are some tips based on student questions that I have received over the course of using this project paper assignment.

The Paper Format & Organization – The paper should include the following components

  • A separate title page with the appropriate information (e.g., Student Name, Due Date, Name of class, and title of the paper)
  • An Introduction that includes the purpose of the paper, definition of major concepts (e.g., Advertisement) and a setup statement for the remainder of the paper.
  • Body of the paper – a brief description of the advertisement that provide enough information so that someone could read your description and understand what the ad is without having to go to the link or see the ad.
  • Once you have described the ad, then it is best to identify a sociological concept like culture and define the term with a reference that could be from the course text. Here are some examples of defining integral sociological terms:
  • Culture – A culture includes a group’s shared practices, values, and beliefs among other things (Griffiths, 2015).
  • Symbolic Interactionism – Symbolic interactionism is a sociological perspective that is influential in many areas of the sociological discipline. It is particularly important in micro sociology and social psychology. Symbolic interactionism is derived from American pragmatism and particularly from the work of George Herbert Mead (Griffiths, 2015).
  • Sociological Imagination – The term sociological imagination was coined by the American Sociologist C. Wright Mills in 1959 to describe the type of insight offered by the discipline of sociology. The term is used in introductory textbooks in sociology to explain the nature of sociology and its relevance in daily life (Griffiths, 2015).
  • A Conclusion – the purpose of a conclusion paragraph is to sum up the overall point of the essay and leave a lasting impression.

Source: Griffiths, Heather et al., (2015) Introduction to Sociology 2e. Openstax: Rice University.


The recommended length is 3 to 4 pages. There is no penalty for being a page or two over. Sometimes one does need a little more space to fully develop their thoughts but I just do not want this to turn into more than 7 pages. I believe in the term “parsimony” which means to say the most in the least amount of space or number of words.


I expect the project paper # 1 to be written as a formal research paper. While expect you to identify and describe each ad the focus of the paper should be more on using sociology through the use of sociological concepts and theories.

As you prepare to finalize your project paper 1’s – I wanted to stress a few things ahead of time. Make sure to use the third person voice when writing (or the formal voice) and make sure to include academic and scholarly citations and references to support your use of Sociology in the paper. You need to include citations in the body of the paper like (Huff, 2014) and then also in a reference list at the end of the paper.

Focus on the sociological concepts and how they help explain the ads. The more direct you are in identifying the concepts, defining them using the course text or E-resources or other outside sources, and providing the appropriate citation – the better.

If you need help with writing in terms of sentence structure, use of appropriate paragraphs and so on please click on the “Resources drop down tab” on the blue mini bar and checkout the many writing assistance resources there.

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