Nursing Teaching


“Gaming is an instructional method requiring the learner to participate in a competitive activity with preset rules (Allery, 2004). The goal is for the learners to win a game by applying knowledge and rehearsing skills previously learned” (Bastable, S.B., 2014, p.486). Gaming has been proven to stimulate the learning environment and its particularly attractive o children.

Gaming has been the selected instructional method chosen to teach a class of 10 Hispanic adolescents whose first language is Spanish. This small group of adolescent will taught about healthy lifestyle and healthy meal choices. Acculturation will be discussed and students will be allowed to express their feelings. Important key factors and characteristics of this ethnic group will be taken into account in order to develop a successful teaching plan which will be through the gaming strategy. Culturally acquired living styles will be respected and share through the game. Preferred language will be assessed and the ability to effectively communicate in English will also be taken into account. Written and audiovisual materials will also be available for further reference and clarification. (Bastable, S.B., 2014). The setting will be a classroom which will be equipped with a screen, laptop, screen projector and handouts with the information and the rules for the game. The class will be divided into two groups. Each group will be presented with a picture of a meal and they will need to identified as healthy or unhealthy and specify why. The group that gives the best explanation will win 1 point. Each group will also be responsible for developing a weekly exercise plan according to their age and the most complete plan will be the winner. At the end of the game the winner group will be recognized and will be allowed to do small presentation about what they learned through the game.

The pictures to be presented will closely relate to this specific ethnic group meal choices and by discussing what it is health or not substitutes for the ingredients or meals will also be presented. The objectives of this game is to exchange unhealthy eating habits by healthy ones while maintaining their meal preferences based on their culture and choices. Understanding the benefits of daily exercise to one’s health will also be another objective that will be evaluated through the teach- back method.

Gaming is a great teaching strategy that has been known for keeping the learner’s attention throughout the session. It is suitable for all development levels of the learner, all ethnic groups and can take place anywhere with little resources needed. Gaming may improve recall and retention of information and learner will learn while having fun. (Bastable, S.B., 2014).

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