Nursing Ilness Disease Wk1

wk1/disc/ca/resp is a website that provides a multitide of health related information ranging from providing access to health care, genomics, respiratory diseases and substance abuse.  It is a very user friendly website that is very helpful to the public as it provides easy to understand information about hundreds of topics and their advise, interventions and resources are based on evidence based practice.  Every decade, the healthy people initiative develops a new set of objectives to improve the health of all Americans.  Healthy People 2020 includes over 1,200 objectives to monitor and improve the health of all Americans over the decade. The objectives are organized into 42 topic areas, each representing an important public health area. To determine the success of Healthy People, it is important to track and measure progress for the objectives over the decade (Healthy People, 2018).  The three types main types of Healthy People objectives are measurable objectives, developmental objectives and informational objectives.  These objectives ensure that there is a national baseline value and that the objectives are measurable and targets have been established.

Planning is now underway for Healthy People 2030.  The planning is being formed based on public comment period held from June 27 to September 29, 2017, where members of the public were invited to share their comments on the draft framework.  These goals could potentially have a major impact on the health of the nation.  This website is a fantastic resource for the public and can help give them basic information and point them in the right direction in regards to healthcare interventions and health education.

This is the first time I have used this website and it is very informational and user friendly.  I can incorporate this resource into my daily practice by educating my patients on this information and invite them to view the website to further educate themselves on their condition.  Also, there are many topics that I can print for patients upon discharge in regards to their medical conditions

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