Learning Framework Act. 6

Choose ONE of the following options to complete and submit:

Option 1 – Identify the P.O.W.E.R. plan of decision making.  When assessing alternatives, what are the 3 steps in considering each alternative?  Review the “Weighing Career Possibilities” for the “Career Connections” (Chapter 10) and indicate one possible career choice and a few ways that choice would bring life-satisfaction.

Option 2 – What’s the major task of problem-solving? Of the many strategies for solving problems indicated in your text, identify and describe four of them.  Which two have you used in the past or might use in the future?  Explain. Go to the website indicated under “On the Web” at the end of Ch. 10, “Basic Guidelines for Problem Solving and Decision Making”(www.managementhelp.org/prsn_prd/prob_slv.htm) and identify the seven (7) steps for problem-solving and decision making.

Option 3 – Define prejudice and discrimination.  List several (at least 4) strategies for developing cultural competence.  Do you consider yourself progressing in cultural competence?  Explain.

Option 4 – What are three (3) ways to develop friendships according to your text?  Explain how your textbook differentiates between a friendship and a relationship.  When a “true” relationship exists what are a few (at least 3) of its components?  Which component is most important to you in a relationship?  If you are feeling lonely, what is one of the strategies for dealing with loneliness that you might consider trying?

Option 5 – Do you consider yourself a good listener?  Why or why not?  Your text mentions several ways people can improve their ability to listen.  Identify and describe three (3) of these.  What might you do to become a better listener?

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