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Detailed Instructions:

IMPORTANT:Each submission will build on previous submissions.This will be a “running research proposal paper”.What you submit in Section One will be returned to you with comments and suggested edits from the instructor.You will make the corrections and then you will re-submit that section with Section Two.Thus, the paper (and references) will continue to grow in length.Of course, all submissions will begin and continue in APA format (title page, running head, page numbers, References page, double spacing, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, etc.).

Each submission is to include a separate Title Page and References page.You will continue adding to your References page as you find new information/studies/articles.Please pay attention and only submit the sections required and the previous edited sections.*Note that the Introduction is not due until the SECTION THREE submission.

Research topic/ question– Each student is to submit a research topic/ question of his/her choice by the due date.Remember to try and be as specific as possible.Use the PICOT question format.

Include the specific population you want to study.Is it patients?Is it other nurses?Is it graduate nurses?Is it nursing students?What kind of patients?Those with traumatic brain injuries?Those born with developmental disabilities (autism)?What nursing population do you want to study/investigate/educate?Oncology nurses?Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurses?

What do you want to know?Or what variable to you want to introduce to see if there is a difference between two (or more) groups?How to improve education levels?How to improve the emotional well-being of nurses? (for example, among two inpatient oncology units, do you want to introduce a beginning-of-shift daily meditation time to see if there’s a difference in overall satisfaction among nurses and compare those satisfaction rates among a group of nurses who receive no pre-shift meditation?) If you introduce virtual reality in rehab, will a group of stroke patients improve over those who receive the standard of care?

Research Articles in the Literature – The next step is to read studies related to your topic so that you thoroughly understand the various components of a research study design.Search the full text databases regarding the topic of your choice.The library is an excellent source for searches!You are to submit THREE research studies published within FIVE years.You must clearly indicate one that is a quantitative study and one that is a qualitative study.Submit/upload the five articles in a .pdf format.In the comments section, indicate which of the three is a qualitative and which is a quantitative study.This assignment demonstrates evidence that you know the difference between what a quantitative and qualitative study looks like…NO systematic reviews, no literature reviews, no meta-analyses will be accepted.However, these (the references) can be a good source of research articles!REMEMBER to clearly indicate which study is qualitative and which is quantitative in your comments section when you upload the .pdf studies!

SECTION ONE SUBMISSION includes your title page, study purpose, problem statement, research question(s), significance to nursing, and References page related to your proposed research study.Section One starts your Research Study Proposal, so make sure it follows all applicable APA formatting!

Significance to Nursing is just that…How will your study potentially impact the discipline of nursing?What if I’m a nursing leader for my unit in a hospital and I’m reading your study?What could I learn and possibly implement as a result of your study findings?Perhaps I’m a unit nurse on the floor.Using what you’ve found, what could I learn from it?And maybe even alter how I interact with patients?Usually this fits in a paragraph or two.Refer to the sample papers for extra help to understand this process.

SECTION TWO SUBMISSION includes your Literature Review, Theoretical/ Conceptual Framework, and corrected SECTION ONE.

Literature Review (AKA – review of the literature, background, etc.…) comes in many forms.The purpose of the literature review is to build the case based on what’s out there (in the literature!) that supports the reason (purpose) for your wanting to do your study.

In a paragraph or two, discuss each article/study.Break each one down and briefly explain the information you obtained from the article:Was it a quantitative or qualitative study?Mixed methods?Sample size?Who did they study?What was the study about?What were the major findings?If the study was not completed by NURSE researchers, explain clearly how it is related to your research.You will perform a review of the literature and write a synthesis of the previous research outcomes regarding your topic and research question.You must include a minimum of three research articles published within the last five years.You can use those articles/studies you found earlier if they are relevant to your study proposal.

Once you have explained each article, use the information to make a case for your research.How do they support or create a platform for your research?Remember to avoid direct quotes, paraphrase the content, and provide complete APA compliant citations.Refer to Chapter 7 in your textbook for more complete information on the process of completing a literature review.

The Theoretical or Conceptual Framework provides the supporting foundation for the study.Refer to the material you studied in the Nursing Theory class and read Chapter 8 in your textbook for more information.

Refer to the sample papers for examples.

SECTION THREE SUBMISSION includes the ethical implications, approach to the study, introduction, conclusion, and corrected SECTIONS ONE and TWO.

The Ethical Implications for your study will probably sound the same across the board in all the papers.You will need to first have your study approved by an Institutional Review Board.You will need to obtain signed (by the subject) informed consent forms (ICFs) that explain the problem and purpose and expectations of the subjects/participants once those ICFs are IRB approved.You will need to protect the identity of your subjects.How will you do that?How will you make sure nothing is able to be traced back to them?Could your study cause any potential emotional distress? (retelling of stories that bring up ‘emotionally raw’ material?) What will you do to help your subjects should they need it?What if your subjects want to withdraw from the study?Usually one or two paragraphs will suffice for this portion.Refer to the sample papers for extra help to understand this process.

For the Introduction and Conclusion see guideline in VII. Evaluation rubric below.

Conducting the Research Study Include a brief description of how you would carry out your research, either as a quantitative or as a qualitative study.Include sampling size and method, data gathering methods and tools, data analysis plan and tools, and anticipated results

Quantitative: Examples using quantitative methods:Would you distribute a survey (that’s already out there…like PRoQOL, Maslach’s Burnount Inventory, etc.) that uses a Likert scale so you can capture behaviors in a numerical fashion.Then, using a statistical software package (like SPSS) analyze for statistical significance?For example, approximately how many subjects would you like to survey/analyze (your projected sample size for a quantitative study)?

Qualitative: How could you carry out your study using qualitative methods?Would you interview your subjects in a one-on-one setting (or maybe a focus group?) using open-ended questions while you audio record them?Then, would you transcribe the interviews and analyze them, looking for common themes (as in grounded theory or phenomenology)?Would you use NViVO software to help you analyze the transcribed interviews? For example, approximately how many subjects do you foresee yourself interviewing or how many would you like in a qualitative study?On what might it depend?

Final Submission will include SECTIONS ONE, TWO, and THREE with all edits and corrections completed.

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