Health management

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HMGT 495 6380 Strategic Planning

1.How does a health care organization implement a strategic plan? What guidelines should be followed? In adjusting to industry changes, how should public agencies and nonprofits strategically approach cutting back or increasing services, staff, and, perhaps, their institutional mission? 2 pages

2. What is the role of financial planning in today’s health services organization?

What challenges might you face in a health care organization in regard to financial planning? 2 pages

3. Summarize how health care managers benefit from the study of marketing.

Find an ad online. Provide the URL and discuss how the ad might affect consumer decision-making. How do you think this ad affects consumers’ behavior?

Do you see any benefits or drawbacks in the use of social media among health care organizations?

How does health care services marketing differ from retail marketing? Provide examples from both the health care and the retail sector. 2pages

4. How does a health care manager ensure high performance?

Why are interpersonal skills important in health care management?

Does the importance of rewards change as one progresses through one’s career? Does the type of reward matter?

How would you motivate an employee who seemed capable, but who was underperforming? What strategies would you employ to encourage better performance? 2 pages

5. What does excellence in health care look like? How do we as patients measure excellence? How do health care professionals measure excellence?

How can electronic resources improve quality of care for patients? 2 pages

6. Why is it important to have leaders in a health care organization?

There are many types of communication styles used in the workplace. Choose what you think is your leadership style: north, south, east, or west. Click the leadership compass self-assessment at link for details.

  • Which of the four directions do you believe is your style?
  • What are the strengths of your style? (at least four adjectives)
  • What are the limitations of your style? (at least four adjectives)
  • Which style do you find the most difficult to work with in others, and why?
  • What do the other directions need to know about you so that you can work effectively together? 2pages

7. What are some challenges associated with teamwork in health care? Describe three benefits and three costs of working as part of a team in a health care organization.

After working in a hospital for six months, you have been selected to head the team to conduct hand-washing audits of the nursing units. Whom do you want on your team, and why?

What are the five stages of team development? Describe each stage and what might be involved in a health care setting. 2 pages

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