Genogram Paper Due Tomorrow !

Hey I basically wrote everything out. Pleae follow all directions and follow the things I wrote.

This can stay as first paragraph- My family genogram consists of a total of seven family members, starting from the eldest, my grandmother and grandfather both from my mothers side are still alive as for my dads mother, she passed away in 2006, my father and mother, my sister, and my other half-sister, who is a member of the family after my father’s infidelity (Dunn & Levitt, 2000). The family tree is stretched across three generations, the elderly generation consisting of my grandparents, my parents and the young generation including me and my two sisters.

Paragraph 2 – talk about the first generation of my genogram. So the first generation of my genogram is my grandparents. The stage they are in is the aging family stage. This is the 8th stage. At this point in there life they are just looking to enjoy every day with happiness and love. They moved back to Africa to better enjoy there life and be around the people they love most.

Paragraph 3 – second generation is my parents. The are in the 7th Stage which is known as the middle aged parents stage. Right now I’m this stage my parents are focused on there careers and making sure they can pay the bills so that me and my sisters can grown up in a good home. There number one priority in this stage is making sure the kids grow into productive people in the world.

Paragraph 4 – Third generation consist of me the only boy and my two sisters. We are in the Launching Center Stage. This is the 7th stage. In this launching stage of life we are trying to figure out our life’s. Fresh out of college or about to graduate soon, we are trying to find stable jobs and also try and work towards building a family of our own one day.

Paragraph 5 – In this paragraph talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of a genogram.

Ending – Is have you learned anything about your family from the genogram project. So something you can say here is that I never took the time to analyze my family from a outside prospective so doing this project helped me appreciate my family more and everything they’ve been through. You can say my perception has changed on my family Because now everything makes sense to me. Like why my parents work so hard because they want me and my sisters to make it through the launching stage successfully.

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