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Please use at least 8 peer reviewed sources!

The paper should be 5-7 buzzwords in in length


Identify a specific instance in a document, broadcast, or conversation in which the meaning an author assigns to a word is debatable. You are not looking for an instance in which someone uses a term incorrectly, such as using the word “antidote” to refer to a short story. Rather, you are looking for an instance in which a person applies a word to an object or situation and you disagree with the person’s evaluation of that object or situation; e.g., the killing of his sister for her sexual indiscretion and indecency was deemed a “mercy” killing. In the example, the author uses the word “mercy” to describe a compassionate act done for the other individual’s sake as a result of the compromise of moral values, and the implications on the family’s character. You may disagree that such an act was done out of “mercy,” and therefore take exception to the use of that word.

When you have your example, then answer for yourself the following question: Why is it important to dispute the meaning of that word? Your answer to that question will eventually become the thesis of your paper.

Begin your essay (in its body, and using all of the stylistic tools you’ve learned thus far), by: (1) summarizing your example, explaining what meaning the author suggested or connoted when using the word; (2) follow this by arguing why this is incorrect; (3) what the word should really mean (and why); (4) and then “prove” to me that the word really means what you say it means.

There are several ways to “prove” that the word means what you say it means. Those include: dictionary definitions, common usage, historical usage, trade/technical jargon, socio-economic history of the word, religious attributions, cultural context, and many others. In other words, use law, medicine, philosophy, history, religion, culture, slang, etc. to “prove” your stated meaning of the word.

Another strategy for establishing the meaning of a term is to define related terms. For instance, if you are establishing the meaning of maturity, you may also want to define experiencedresponsible, and established.

After establishing a precedent for your preferred meaning, explain the difference it will make to use that meaning over another. In this section of the paper, you will want to provide specific examples of how the word’s meaning can or will influence decision-making and social action.

Conclude your paper with a proper, three part conclusion.

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