Development, Construction, and Content Validation of questionnaires to understand the perception of

Question description

Development, Construction, and Content Validation of questionnaires to understand the perception of the stakeholders.


I am a COO of a non-for-profit. I need to perform an evaluation questionnaire within several key specific areas to understand the possible reasons why referral rates both from inside and outside the organization are stagnant.

HHCS is a non-for-profit healthcare organization that offers 5 programs including H-hospice, H-home health, H-kids care, H-PACE, and H-connections.

The questionnaires need to be an assessment tool, which are based on a specific nursing model, backed up by a nursing theory, supported by an illustrated design.

The questionnaires must only yield Quantitative data (absolutely no qualitative data).

The composer of the questionnaires must include a scholarly paper 5 – 6 pages in length that includes an introduction, the described problem, a literature review (of at least 10 scholarly articles), described the nursing model used to develop the questionnaires, the nursing theory supporting the use of the questionnaires, discuss why the questionnaires are needed, propose and evaluative tool for post-data collection, and provide a conclusion.

Make sure to include:

  1. Prevalence of the problem/Significance/Relevance to practice
  2. Purpose statement and project objectives
  3. Implications for change in practice
  4. Theoretical framework or conceptual model guiding evidence based practice
  5. Evidence based literature review

The scholarly article must be in APA format.

The questionnaires must be presented in a table format.

Problem: The organization is having trouble obtaining referrals from all areas of opportunity inside and outside of the organization. This has been attributed the company brand HHCS, which stands for H- Healthcare services being traditionally a hospice organizations. However, in the last 5 years, the organization has included the other 4 programs described above. The problem is that staff members, directors, managers, social workers the local largest hospital, and the public still relates the HHCS logo with H-hospice.

Goal: To develop 8 questionnaires specifically designed around the stakeholders involved. Each of the stake holders should have 5 common “general questions”, and 5 discipline specific questions.

The development of the questionnaires is aimed at understanding the knowledge of the stakeholders in regards to the 5 different programs offered at HHCS, and trying to understand why they are not referring patients/clients/relatives into the programs.


Admission RNs

Social Workers

Nursing Managers

Nursing Directors

Physicians (outside of the organization)

Physicians (inside of the organization)

Case Managers (inside of the organization)

The public (outside of the organization).

Specific Questionnaires:

Questionnaire for admission RNs (inside of the organization).

Questionnaire for Social workers (inside the organization).

Questionnaire for nursing managers (inside the organization).

Questionnaire for nursing directors (inside the organization).

Questionnaire for physicians (inside the organization).

Questionnaire for physicians (outside the organizations).

Questionnaire for hospital Case Managers that discharge patients (outside of the organizations).

Questionnaire for the public (outside of the organization).

Questionnaire sample tentative questions, general and specific (sample sample sample)

General Questionnaire:

Are you aware that HHCS provides multiple programs?

Have you referred a friend/patient/client to HHCS to be evaluated for eligibility into one of our programs?

Are your aware of the criteria needed to be met for each individual program at HHCS?

Are you able to locate literature that explains the criteria needed to be eligible for admission into our programs?

Questionnaire for admission RNs:

In the last 6 months have you evaluated a patient to be taken under HHCS’s hospice services that did not meet criteria?

In the last six months have you referred a patient that was not taken into hospice care to another one of HHC’s programs?

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