Creating a Health Screening Initiative, health and medicine homework help

Question descriptionFor this assignment you will pick a recommended screening from AHRQ section 2; an A B or C level.  An initiative is a project, and event- so something in the community is ideal. Workplace for employees is fine too.  Avoid the topic you addressed in Unit 2 paper.

Please include the following suggested level I headings so content is clear and easily identified. These should be centered and bolded in the paper. The paper is short so be succinct. 

Paper Title goes here again on page 2 in APA.

The introduction can speak to the condition itself. For example: Diabetes is a disease of the endocrine system, involving the pancreas. Type II diabetes mellitus is largely a disease stemming from lifestyle choices in adults. Education and screening helps to reduce incidence of this condition (Citation). And then maybe another sentence or so.

Screening Purpose

Do not talk about yourself here. (In fact. Never say, we, I, you in papers). Speak to the issue of the condition. Statistics in your city, state, or nationally. How the condition or disease is a problem or needs screening to have better outcome. How many people die or have it. Not every statistic under the sun is needed here. Just a couple key ones that are important to you enough to do the screening.  Should also include why it is bad for people to have this condition and why screening is necessary.


Geographic- race- sex- a particular group even such as senior citizens of Monroe County or the local Church are the population.. Options are yours. Population should be clear. Provide support for why they need the screening, why they are at risk, or underserved, etc. Does not have to be exhaustive.

Outcome Goals

Following the exact guideline here will meet your outcome goal of early detection. Clearly show how screening reduces associated mortality, or complications or the condition itself. Does early diagnosis help?Here is where you address what you are checking and how; BMI, B/P, lipids, etc, dependent on what you are screening.  Does education and awareness with screening make a difference? Detailed explanation is provided on how each outcome is affected by their screening process selection. Rationale for their explanation is provided.


Examples of exact location include, a local fair, the mall, a community hall, hospital classroom, free clinic, church fellowship hall, county senior center etc. do not say , could be done anywhere. Pick a place and state that is where the location is. Write about privacy and set up or stations if needed. Could include registration in this section. Also comment how the facility is easily accessible to your population. Include thought that went in to this; i.e. HIV testing van at the gay rally’s vs people having to go the health dept. or a clinic for testing, proved effective to increase number of individuals tested, referred and educated on prevention. In a community health screening providers go to the people, but certainly a local family clinic open on Sat for a free cervical screening is fine.


A rough estimate of your cost to provide the screening event. Should have a few sentences with a list of items and costs. You can look up some costs of special equipment and include. Can include comments such as volunteer use, or donated copying from local copy center. Can insert a table here or a section of a spread sheet if you want, or simply a list of costs. A very simple table with a sentence or two works great in this section. If the cost is 0 for an item include that. Must have a total. In real life somebody somewhere is paying for this. Everything is not free.

Summary Conclusion

Restate key points in the paper. That the condition is a problem; the population is at risk, the outcome of the screening will help and how, the location is appropriate for the population and the cost is doable. Work this out in nice clear sentences.

This should be a 2 to 3 page paper, excluding title page, and references. This paper should adhere to appropriate 6th edition APA format. Four sources would be fine.

Hope this helps!

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