Complete 4 Discussion for Different Courses; American Government, Business, Consumer Math, English

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Here are two articles that offers some tips on writing:

Blum, J. (2008). 8 Steps to Writing: A Good, Very Good, Excellent Essay. Writing, 30(4), 12-15.

Kovach, R. (2010). 25 tips to sharpen your writing: Want to learn some ways to strengthen, energize, clarify and trim your Words? Here are a few tricks of the trade from a “writer” editor. Writer, 123(11), 28-55.

After reading these articles, offer your critique of the pointers provided by the authors. Further, see if you can improve the articles by applying some of those tips.

For the second part of this discussion forum, reflect on the following questions. Share your responses with your peers.

  • What activity(ies) did you find most helpful in developing your writing and research skills?
  • Which course objectives (refer to syllabus if necessary) will be valuable to you outside of this EN102 course?
  • What else do you feel you need to know to continue developing your writing and research skills?
  • What has helped you gain confidence in your writing abilities?


Propose an Amendment to the Constitution

Please respond to EACH of the following discussion topics and submit them to the discussion forum as a single post. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length. Then, make at least two thoughtful responses to your fellow students’ posts. If you haven’t recently, please review the Rules of Discussion.

After reviewing what you have learned in this course, especially the text of the United States Constitution, propose to the class an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Be sure to make an argument supporting your proposed amendment. Why should this change be made? How will it benefit the lives of Americans across the country? Why does this issue need a Constitutional Amendment and not just a state or federal law change?

For your follow up posts critique the argument of a peer’s proposed amendment or respond to the questions from your peers regarding your proposed amendment.

Please Note: You may not just copy and paste the text of your assignment for your initial discussion post. Your initial discussion post should be made prior to writing your paper and just be a brief paragraph or two presenting your proposed change. You may not submit their assignment text as their discussion post. You may summarize your text, similar to writing an abstract in an academic paper. Feel free to incorporate your peers follow up posts and feedback into your paper as their ideas and questions may help you consider new ideas while you write your paper.


The Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity


Welcome to the week 3 discussion. As culturally aware as we may be, we all see the world through the lenses of our own cultural experiences, and even the greatest among us struggle to understand people who are different from us. For this discussion, Review the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity on pages 81-85 of the Learning through Serving text. (LECTURE ATTACHED WITH THE SIX STAGES)


Please respond to all the following items in your initial post by Sunday. In addition, engage with your classmates by making comments and/or asking questions that build upon your peer’s posts.

  • Which one of these six stages do you find yourself in?
  • Why do you think that is?
  • What could do to climb to the next level?
  • Remember, we are all learning and growing here, so there are no right or wrong answers, so long as we are being honest with ourselves and others.


Successive Discounts

Retailers often mark down products in order to attract customers. We all like a good sale at our favorite store. This week we will discuss successive discounts.

Here is an example of a successive discount. I went to my favorite store and I found a purse on sale for 30% off. Luckily that day, the store also offered an additional 25% off the already discounted price. The original price of the purse was $120. How much did I pay for the purse if the sales tax rate is 8.25%?

Here is how I can find the final price:

Find the complements of the discounts:

  • The complement of 30% is (100% – 30%) = 70% = 0.70.
  • The complement of 25% is (100% – 25%) = 75% = 0.75.

Multiply the original price by the complements of the discounts:

  • ($120)(0.70)(.75) = $63 This is the sale price.

Now find the total price including tax. To do this multiply the sale price by (1 + the sales tax)

  • ($63)(1 + .0825) = $68.20 This is the total price I paid.

Find an example of a successive discount, either form your favorite store, in a weekly circular, or on the internet. Show all your calculations for finding the sale price (using the example above as a guideline) including the sales tax using the sales tax rate in your community. Discuss how most people miscalculate successive discounts in comparison to the calculation you posted and explain the reasons for the miscalculation most people do.

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