ANOVA tells us whether a set of features decreases the amount of unexplained information more by having groupings as compared to leaving out all groupings. There are those times when one is better off dropping these features (Landwehr, 2017). When one look at just two samples, ANOVA test and T-test yield the same results. T-test can be used to assess other means by using numerous T-tests. However, this technique becomes unreliable and erroneous.

Analysis of variance or ANOVA enables one to use statistics to test differences or variations between two means or more and reduce the probability of type I error which may occur when dealing with multiple two-sample T-tests. ANOVA is therefore indicated for testing hypothesis where there are multiple populations or means (Wiley, 2015).

A T-test is used to test the differences existing between two means. For instance, mean of experiment group versus a control group. ANOVA test, on the other hand, is used when there are three or more populations or means to be tested (Wiley, 2015).

ANOVA is used for both experimental and observational studies. It is, therefore, a form of statistical hypothesis testing. There are two major types of ANOVA tests. These are one-way ANOVA test where just one factor is studied (peaches) and two-way ANOVA test where two factors are studies (oranges and peaches). If statisticians want to add extra factors, they can just carry out multiple ANOVA tests. There are certain requirements which must be met so as to perform ANOVA tests (Landwehr, 2017). These are populations of the samples should be normal, samples must be simple random samples of quantitative data and samples must be independent of each other.


An interaction is a relationship developed between two or more participants. Typically it is a formed connection with like matters in commonality. Everyday we are faced with interacting with others everywhere we go. For example for my self personally, I am mother who co-parents with my son’s father that does not live within our household. Though our lives and choices are not to be together as a couple, we still must have interaction with one another for the benefit and wellbeing of our son. Another interaction that we all expect to face as working registered nurses is the interaction with physicians, patients and their families. This interaction is not always the easiest working relationship because of the multiple personalities and viewpoints and expectations. When conducting business with the physicians, a nurse may utilize a vocabulary with higher educational language than expected to conduct with a nurse-patient interaction. The conversations with the physicians are also shorter and patient oriented and a little more unvarnished and to the point of formulating a plan and coming to a conclusion. The interactions a nurse has with their patients and their families are slightly different. The information provided is factual, but more often are presented in a more sensitive matter in respect of the emotional distress hospitalization can cause.

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