Collaboration as it stands is part of our nursing responsibilities, homework help

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Collaboration as it stands is part of our nursing responsibilities. But it is not an easy task to tackle especially when there is one team member who seems to control the show or a manager/doctor who is difficult to deal with. I work in a flexible float team, where I get to go to several different units. With my years of experience in the different areas in nursing and the different types of personalities which I have met, I can say that there is always a better way to deal with that difficult person if any, to exhibit effective collaboration with my team and to deliver a safe environment and quality patient outcome. In an article “Six Ways to Improve Collaboration on Nursing Teams”, Montgomery explains that “Effective collaboration with the other members of your team starts with you, which makes self-awareness your first step” (Montgomery, 2017). I also use open and effective communication, respect when speaking with my peers, and clear/simple directives when addressing my colleagues.

“Stewardship requires the willingness to be accountable for the well-being of the larger organization by operating in service, rather than in control, to those around us” (Walker, 2003). I am also ready to serve and demonstrate good character in the team which I belong. Accountability, the well-being of others in my group and humbleness are some of the qualities I am mindful of. Sharing responsibilities, encouraging and acknowledging each other is another good way to get my team moving.Greenleaf said that being a leader “It is not about being servile, it is about wanting to help others. It is about identifying and meeting the needs of colleagues, customers, and communities” (Greenleaf, 2005). These are the qualities I demonstrate to encourage stewardship and collaboration.


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