Cognitive Psychology – Visual Perception Short Presentation

Imagine you are working as a cognitive psychologist who specializes in  visual perception. In this role, you are assigned to create a short  presentation that will help a target audience in a professional setting  (for instance, teachers, marketing professionals, driving instructors,  pilots, etc.) understand the basic principles of visual perception and  why they are important for everyday life and their profession. You  should create a five-minute presentation that meets the previously  mentioned goals. Be sure to identify at least two different theories  from your reading that support your presentation. Discuss the theories  in terms of how they can help people understand strengths and weaknesses  in visual processing and how the theories might help us overcome  weaknesses.
PSY 540 Short Presentation Guidelines and Rubric


Twice during this course you will assume the role of a psychology professional in an applied setting and apply theories to suggest solutions to contemporary problems through a short presentation. The purpose of these presentations is to help you identify gaps in and propose improvements for professional disciplines based on the strengths and limitations of human cognitive systems while assessing foundational theories of cognitive psychology for the irrelevance to real-world issues.

Short presentations should be approximately five minutes in length and should be directed towards someone with limited or no background knowledge of psychological concepts or terminology. Because of this, you will want to explain relevant terms and concepts as you work through your presentation.

Be sure to identify the group your presentation is intended for as well as the group that will most benefit from your proposed strategies. Additionally, be sure to appropriately use professional terms and theories.

Your presentation can use a platform of your choosing. Potential example platforms include:




•Webcam video recordings

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