Capstone Entire class online Nursing

Question description

1 topic each week 3 post first post before Wednesday and must reply to two class mates with the total of 3 the class is 8weeks. and also include 3 project. See below. * All projects must be turned into turn it i

Course Outcomes

This project enables the student to meet the course outcomes below.

  1. Applies the theories and principles of nursing and related disciplines to individuals, families, aggregates, and communities from entry to the healthcare system through long-term planning. (PO #1)
  2. Proposes leadership and collaboration strategies for use with consumers and other healthcare providers in managing care and/or delegating responsibilities for health promotion, illness prevention, health restoration and maintenance, and rehabilitative activities. (PO #2)
  3. Communicates effectively with patient populations and other healthcare providers in managing the healthcare of individuals, families, aggregates, and communities. (PO #3)
  4. Develops and outlines a scientific, systematic decision-making process to integrate critical thinking with clinical judgment to assure safe and effective outcomes. (PO #4)
  5. Develops a plan for continued personal and professional development through enrollment in graduate education, continuing education programs, professional reading, participation in professional organizations, and service to the community. (PO #5)
  6. Plans clinical practice activities that integrate professional nursing standards in accordance with the nursing code of ethics and American Nurses’ Association (ANA) standards of practice. (PO #6)
  7. Integrates the professional role of leader, teacher, communicator, and manager of care to plan cost-effective, quality healthcare to consumers in structured and unstructured settings. (PO #7)
  8. Selects evidence for best practice when planning professional nursing care for individuals, families, aggregates, and communities. (PO #8)

Due Dates

Submit to the appropriate Dropbox as follows.

  • Week 3: Capstone Project Milestone #1: Practice Issue and Evidence Summary Worksheet
  • Week 4: Capstone Project Milestone #2: Design Proposal
  • Week 6: Capstone Project Milestone #3: Educating Staff: Implementing Change

Submit the assignment to the Dropbox located at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions.

See the Syllabus section Course Schedule for due date information.

Requirements and Guidelines

The project has been divided into three milestones, due over Weeks 2 through 6, with each milestone building off another. Each milestone has its own grading rubric and enables you to focus on the content specific to the particular milestone without being overwhelmed.

  • Milestone #1, due in Week 3, consists of you identify a nursing practice issue, and completing a Practice Issue and Evidence Summary Worksheet.
  • Milestone #2, due in Week 4, consists of you writing a Design Proposal for your change project.
  • Milestone #3, due in Week 6 consists of an approach to educate the staff about your change project.

NOTE: Specific, detailed guidelines for each milestone are linked on the Course Resources page under Course Home.

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