Annotated Bibliography (only need five resources right now), writing homework help

Question description

Throughout the course, you will compile an annotated bibliography in which you will analyze the most current (i.e., written in the past 5 years) peer-reviewed research about service learning. Throughout your program of study, you will have compiled a large number of resources that you might incorporate into your annotated bibliography. As you continue to build the annotated bibliography, it is important to consider how your research fits into the Service Learning Strategy Project. The annotated bibliography required for this course will be an invaluable tool in preparing for your doctoral study/capstone/dissertation.

To prepare

  • Begin by visiting the Walden Library and/or the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse from this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Search for peer-reviewed, scholarly articles about service learning.
  • Find and analyze 5 articles from the Walden Library or the Clearinghouse website provided in the Learning Resources.

To submit

  • Create an annotated bibliography of these five resources.
  • By Week 10, you will collect and analyze 20 peer-reviewed articles to define your understanding of service learning and to serve as the foundation for the service learning plan you will build for your Service Learning Strategy Project.
  • This high-quality annotated bibliography will become part of your Major Assessment.
  • As you complete your annotated bibliography, you must do the following:
    • Include a cover sheet.
    • Use APA conventions.
    • Use the Walden Annotated Bibliography guide and materials presented in the Learning Resources to format the paper.
    • Include a minimum of two and a maximum of three paragraphs per annotation.

Length: Page length will vary.

This is how it needs to be written:

Then check out some specific annotated bibliography formatting standards on the Writing Center’s website. You can use the normal course paper template to set up your paper, but your annotated bibliography will generally consist of a list of reference entries, each with an annotation following it.

Your annotations should cover three areas (typically formatted in three paragraphs):

1. Summary: What did the author do? Why? What did he/she find?

2. Analysis: Was the author’s method sound? What information was missing? Is this a scholarly source?

3. Application: Does this article fill a gap in literature? How would you be able to apply this method/study to your particular study? Is the article universal?

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