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In the case of Ancient Science Music, I believe that globalization is a positive thing. Because of the digital nature of most of the products offered, there is a global reach to potential customers across the globe. When discussing global reach, Mullens (2013) states “typically there is no extra cost entailed in making information, digital goods, or services available anywhere one can gain access to the web” which directly applies to Ancient Science. The company plans on capitalizing on this by marketing to targeted segments in secondary geographic markets. For example, the company can run targeted ads at media producers in smaller countries, promoting music licensing services for use in their media projects.

One potential downside to globalization for Ancient Science is the ability for more firms to compete in the same market. This however is likely balanced out by allowing the company to compete in the same business landscape. In addition to just having more competition, this factor, coupled with the low or non-existent cost of digital distribution can have a negative effect on sales prices. As Mullens (2013) states, “The fact that the variable cost of downloading digital content is now essentially zero will likely have a profound effect on the pricing of books and music.” This statement directly applies to Ancient Science, as the company is selling music and other forms of audio. Because of this, it is important that the company develop a strong brand in the eye of consumers, in order to provide value and maintain a sustainable pricing model.

There are not very many political or legal aspects that would have an impact on globalized business operations, other than possibly copyright regulation in foreign territories. According to the US Copyright office “There is no such thing as an ‘international copyright’ that will automatically protect an author’s writings throughout the world. Protection against unauthorized use in a particular country depends on the national laws of that country.” This means that there is no guarantee that copyrights established and protected under US law would actually be protected against infringing uses in certain territories.

One potential ethical issue of global operations would be Ancient Science taking jobs from local markets. I would argue though, that the company is not operating on a level that would even come close to affecting employment in other territories. For an example, if a foreign customer uses the company’s music licensing services for a media project, then it is possible that a composer or music licensing company in their local territory would be losing out on the job opportunity. Because of the often freelance nature of the music licensing landscape, this would really only have a small effect, and on a micro level.


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While nurse attrition is a global problem and nursing is practiced everywhere within a general medical model, nursing as a discipline is applied differently based upon the social, political, and cultural climates of a given country. This presents considerable challenges for AccelRN, which is a nurse progression management and development solution that offers US-industry standardization of specialty tracks and criteria for advancement.

For example, competency criteria for a nurse in Australia would include an emphasis on how to address the poor health of the country’s indigenous people, while in Japan the emphasis is on the aging population. Also in Japan, nurses enjoy much less autonomy in practice than their US counterparts, so critical thinking and leadership competencies would not be as much of a priority for advancement. And while AccelRN offers standardized development tracks for the top 25 specialty areas in the US, there are some countries like Zimbabwe that until recently, did not recognize clinical specialization. Rather, the focus was on urban versus rural health, and providing care to meet patient expectations of the local culture (Jones & Coeling, 2000).

Consequently, in order to address the global market, AccelRN would have to give careful consideration to the overall content, milestones, and criteria of each specialty track, and the actual number of tracks marketed to each country. Subject matter experts (SMEs) and other employees would have to be hired within a target country to gain an understanding of the unique criteria and milestones recognized for advancement in order to create a standardized model for a particular country.

A country’s economic climate is another consideration. In the US, nurses can earn pay increases by moving up the clinical ladder. AccelRN would have to alter its incentive model by country, instead of tying increased competency to compensation. This is another area where local managers and SMEs would be valuable. A country’s economic climate can pose risk. For example, it may be impossible to collect on invoices due to currency controls or customers going into liquidation, which is particularly high among countries in southern Europe (Proformative, 2013). Consequently, customer contracts might have to include up-front payment terms in order to reduce risk.

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