017 ResearchGeneral Information: (taken from course syllabus)

017 ResearchGeneral Information: (taken from course syllabus)

Research Paper: There will be one 5-6 page, double spaced paper (not including cover page) due in  this course. Students will select from a list of topics related to ethics in psychology/counseling. Students must have their topic pre-approved by the instructor by the designated date in the syllabus. More details will be posted. Papers must adhere to APA  guidelines.



Choose an issue related to ethics in psychology. Topics that involve some issue of ethical controversy or dilemma are especially encouraged.  Read relevant research, analyze and summarize the important information, and integrate your own thinking based on your analysis.  Think about the “argument” you are trying to make, or the point you are trying to establish, and then cite research to support  that point. Your paper should be a review of a topic with empirical references to support your review and analysis, and should also discuss which specific APA and ACA ethical standards apply to the issue being discussed, and how they apply. Remember that your  discussion must focus on the ethical issues surrounding this topic, not simply the topic itself.


You must use at least two academic sources. Academic sources include books or journal articles, but do not include Wikipedia, online encyclopedias, or other web sources.  (An article from a peer-reviewed journal that appears  in print that you access through Galileo in an electronic form is not the same as a web source.)  You may use your Ethics in Plain English textbook, and the ethical codes for APA, and/or ACA as additional sources. Using a textbook from another class is not  an acceptable choice for an additional academic source. Using articles or other sources from foreign countries or from other professions (e.g., nursing) are rarely good sources for a paper such as this, since their laws, rules, and social norms may differ  significantly.

Formatting Guidelines:

· The paper must follow APA format for the cover page, page numbering, paper layout, citations in text, and reference list, and will be held to the standards that have been covered in the Writing for Psychology textbook.

· Paper should start with an introduction and end with a conclusion.

· An Abstract is not required for this paper.

· Papers must be submitted electronically under D2L Assignments.

Grading Criteria:

Your paper will be graded on the following criteria.

· Content and relationship to topic

· Use of appropriate references

· Quality of written expression, including appropriate grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

· Adherence to APA style

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